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Tehema County
Mission Ascolana
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml.

Tehema County Mission Ascolana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
PS001$17.30 each
$15.00 each with 3 or more

This is what Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be. Pacific Sun's award-winning California Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with a delicate blend of both Mission and Ascolana olives. The oil is cold-pressed, unfiltered, and bottled in a traditional artisnal fashion.

Buttery and fruity with a subtle, peppery finish. An elegant oil that works with everything. This extra virgin olive oil will accentuate different flavors with different foods. The range of overtones of this oil include citrus, nut, artichoke, and avocado.

Silver medal winner at the 2003 and 2004 "Olive Oils of the World Competition" at the Los Angeles County Fair. That is HUGE, people, and you will see why.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - The Inside Scoop!Extra Virgin Olive Oil - The Inside Scoop!

Pacific Sun Mission/Ascolana Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pacific Sun Mission/Ascolana Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted by farmers who specialize in orchard crops, primarily plums, walnuts, almonds, and olives, and who have a passion for growing and producing higquality products. It is produced from Northern California Mission and Ascolana Olives. These varieties have traditionally been associated with the California olive canning industry but have fallen out of favor with the canneries in the last few years.

However, both the Mission and Ascolana olives possess qualities that make them desirable varieties for olive oil production and can produce delightful single-varietal oils. When harvested late in the season, starting toward the end of December, the Mission olive can yield nearly 40 gallons per ton of luscious, buttery oil that can be rather bland on its own if not harvested at the correct time. The Ascolana olive does not yield nearly as much oil, but its oil is very fruity and varies in intensity depending on the degree of ripeness.

Pacific Sun Mission/Ascolana Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil endeavors to utilize the strengths of both the Mission and Ascolana varieties to create an oil that is rich and buttery with fruity overtones, a subtle, peppery finish and a distinct olive flavor. In order to attain this flavor profile, Pacific Sun blends a late harvest Mission oil with an early harvest Ascolana oil

The makers of Pacific Sun Olive Oil approach their craft from their palettes and, as Americans, they gravitate toward buttery flavors. They want their oil to possess a nice olive flavor without the bitterness and pungency often associated with most styles of olive oil. Consumers love the Mission/Ascolana blend because it can be used as a healthful butter substitute and it is not an acquired taste. Thus, in terms of its style, Pacific Sun Mission/Ascolana Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil is representative of a true California Olive Oil. It is olive oil crafted from “California” olive varieties in a style that has not only a regional appeal but also an international appeal.

The Mission/Ascolana blend was awarded a medal in the “Olive Oils of the World” competition at the Los Angeles County Fair in both 2003 and 2004.

Labeling Standards

Pacific Sun's oil is certified Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council. The COOC is a part of the International Olive Oil Council and the COOC enforces IOOC standards in the United States. For more information on the COOC, see its website at http://www.cooc.com.

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