Bailiff Brutality Salsa, 16 oz.
Warning: Too hot!

Bailiff Brutality Salsa
JF699$5.00 each
$4.20 each with 6 or more

WARNING: This is the hottest salsa you'll find. Please exercise caution with this salsa. Use Bailiff Brutality responsibly. Be careful with Bailiff Brutality Salsa around children, sensitive skin areas, and animals.

All rise was the order. Bring the salsa was the demand. With this challenge the Chief Shyster has created for those whom there is no fear of the click of cuffs, the blow of a baton, the eye watering of pepper spray or the jolt of an electrical correctional belt. This salsa provides that brief moment of flavor savoring freedom only to have that moment replaced by the confinement of ones sense to it's soaring heat. Prepare to go into custody forthwith!

Caution: Very very very very hot

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