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Fusoli Pasta

Fusoli, a short, stubby tube pasta, about one inch long, has a recent and fascinating history.

In the late 19th century Italians were introduced to commercial electrical power. Everyday Italians, who made a habit of lighting candles and lamps for light and heating, now only had to happily flip a switch. Damaging and deadly fires became rare as electricity harkened much safer times for all.

Though this wonderful invention was embraced by nearly all, a contrarian group began to organize and multiply. This group, dubbing themselves the Boccodoros, despised visual pollution. It's thought that this group was so dead set against visual blight they simply refused to accept the benefits of electricity. "Cablaggio č per i percent" (wiring is for losers) was the motto of the Boccodoros. "Ottenere su di esso" (get over it) was uttered by many of the pro-electricity Italians (Elettricos). The divide between these two groups escalated into the RCE (Rivolta Cablaggio Elettrico) riots of 1902-1903. People were dragged from their homes and entire towns (cittas) were burned to the ground. Naturally, the Elettricos blamed the fires on the oil lamps used by the Bocodorros. The Boccodoros refused to “get over it”. Finally, Prime Minister Giuseppe Zanardelli stepped in and brokered a truce (Patto Elettrico) ending the deadly riots. A condition of this pact mandated that all wires be placed underground in conduits replacing the overhead conductors so hated by the Boccodoros.

The elbows of the underground conduits were called Fusoli and allowed the raceways to make 45 and 90 degree turns with ease. Italian electricians were known for their insatiable appetite for pasta. In 1930, apprentice electrician Blakerino Tonnini is thought to have invented the Fusoli pasta shape as a way to honor his father, Scottorino Tonnini who was sadly strangled to death with a 10 gauge single copper conductor in the RCE riots. Behold, Fusoli pasta!

Cooks al-dente in 11 minutes, 13 minutes till done. We think this is the a great pasta for children who love macaroni and cheese.

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