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Heavenly Chef
Rice Oil

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Heavenly Chef Rice Oil, 1 Gallon
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Heavenly Chef Rice Bran Oil is pure, unadulterated oil from 100% GMO-free rice.

Wait? Oil from rice? You bet! In the USA, soybean oil is the most used vegetable oil. But in Japan, practically all they use for cooking is rice oil. It is why rice oil is the secret to great tempura!

Heavenl Chef Rice Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Gamma-Oryzanol. What the heck are those? They are anti-oxidants found in our Heavenly Chef Rice Oil, that have a number of significant health benefits, including lowering blood cholesterol, opening clogged coronary arteries**, increasing strength of nails and hair, and even wrinkle-protection.

In the kitchen, Heavenly Chef Rice Bran Oil is all you need.

This is the oil used by thousands of restaurants and sushi houses nation-wide. Restaurants depend on our Heavenly Chef Rice Bran Oil because Heavenly Chef Rice Oil is fresh and minimally processed. Foods cooked in it taste light and delicous.

Additionally, our Heavenly Chef Rice Oil is a great value!

HEALTHY FOR THE HEART - Research has shown Rice Bran oil to lower bad cholesterol (LDLs) and increase good cholesterol (HDLs)**. The Japanese refer to this oil as Heart Oil because of its heart-healthy properties.

GREAT FOR COOKING - Rice bran oil has a naturally high smoking point of 490 degrees. Light neutral flavor and aroma makes it great for flash frying, sauteing, and making dressing due to its ability to emulsify easily. Make you next tempura dish at home!

GREAT FOR HORSES AND DOGS - Our Rice Oil is used by Thouroughbred stables in performance horses. Our oil was being given to the favorite at the Kentucky Derby and to the World Champion Clydesdale. Our oil is wonderful for older horses to maintain weight, provide a shiny coat, and strong hooves. Used by AKC Show Dogs, our Rice Oil works as a supplement to help keep a great looking coat and nails. Provide your dog with the care it needs to look great!

PERFECT FOR SOAP-MAKING - Our Heavenly Chef Rice Oil is used in soap-making and skin creams thanks to the anti-wrinkling effects of our oil. In fact, in Japan, women who use rice oil are their skin are called "Rice Bran Beauties".

IDEAL AS A MASSAGE OIL - We have been selling our oil to spas and massage therapists for years. The lack of odor, the smooth tactile fell, and the rich concentration of Vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol make Heavenly Chef Rice Oil idea for massage therapy.

HEALTHY PHYSICAL COMPOSITION - No cholesterol or trans-fatty acids, and is naturally low in saturated fatty acids, GMO Free and all-natural.

RESTAURANT SIZE - 1 GALLON (128 fluid ounces) JUG - Because we are used by so many restaurants, you know you are getting a great price.

GREAT VALUE. 100% GMO FREE RICE BRAN OIL - Heavenly Chef Rice Oil is high in gamma-oryzanol, with a Gamma Oryzanol content of 19,500 PPM.

MINIMALLY PROCESSED, UNFILTERED - for maximum benefits, we do not remove the waxes which are so rich in all the good stuff.

UNADULTERATED - If you follow the vegetable oil market as close as we do, you know there is a lot of chicainery going on - diluting more expensive oils with cheaper oils to bring down the prices. Watch the 60 Minutes piece on this very topic. Heavenly Chef Rice Oil is pure rice oil, undiluted and unadulterated.

HEALTHY AND GREAT FOR COOKING - Rice bran oil has a naturally high smoking point of 490 degrees / (254C). Light neutral flavor and aroma makes it great for flash frying, sauteing, and making dressing and vinaigrette due to its ability to emulsify easily. Clean, non-oily mouth feel, allowing foods to taste crisp and clean.

RICH IN VITAMIN E - Pamper yourself with a great oil that will leave your skin soft and supple. Can be used for soap production as a great moisturizer and for massage as a neutral oil.

Size: 1 Gallon (128 ounces)

Kosher: OU

Ingredients: 100% Rice Bran Oil, GMO-Free

** Tan, XW, Kobayashi K, Shen L, Inagaki J, Ide M, Hwang SS, Matsuura F. 2020. Antioxidative attributes of rice bran extracts in ameliorative effects of atherosclerosis-associated risk factors. Heliyon 6(12):1-18.

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